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This morning, I decided to come from JOY and DELIGHT.  The day was great.

Let’s go back to yesterday – I work as a Collaborative Lawyer.  As such, I help divorcing people transition with dignity and respect.  I get to work with other professionals who share the same commitment to transparency and healing.  Usually, I love my job.

With over 15 years of experience, I have “my way” of doing things.  They work.  And yet – every case is different.  The clients are different but more significantly, the professionals are different.  So, this week a meeting with clients was scheduled for this morning.  I was supposed to receive a document from the other attorney last week.  It didn’t arrive until close of business the day before yesterday.  Yesterday, I was irritated.  I needed to rearrange my schedule.  He didn’t want to push the client meeting back.  So – I made edits to his drafts, and I had to run reports and make 200 pages worth of copies.  (There was of “making him wrong” going on.)

AND – I am committed to transformation.  My Landmark Education kicked in a few times.  Most importantly, yesterday, I wrote down my intention for a class (Wisdom) that I am registered into that starts in June.  My intention – “To live from JOY and DELIGHT rather than duty and obligation.”  And I am enrolled in “The Science of Personal S.T.Y.L.E.” with Liana Chaouli where we are tapping into our true nature so that it can be expressed fully.  I am having so much fun.

So this morning, getting in my car to go to that meeting – a meeting that I thought should have been cancelled with a briefcase full of paper that I didn’t want to carry, it occurred to me… I want to live from JOY and DELIGHT. … So do that.  I didn’t directly “counter” any of these things that I didn’t want. My perspective simply shifted.

I arrived at the meeting – spoke to the attorney – told him that I found it challenging, but here are the things we needed to talk about before the clients arrived.  There was no “make wrong” in my voice.  I genuinely felt gratitude for his presence, his contribution and our ability to work together.  And it was not “perfect” – but it was what it was.

During the meeting, all the people at the table seemed to feel heard.  My client expressed satisfaction with the outcome and the process.  I answered her questions.  We lined up our next steps.  (The inner critic didn’t even show up to list all the ways that these to-dos could have been avoided.  That just showed up for me now.)  But here is the kicker – during the meeting, we had a neutral professional at the table.  She said, “Wow, you guys are essentially done.  This went so smoothly and so quickly.  This is why I love the Collaborative Process.”  The other attorney agreed.  He pointed out that we got so much done so quickly.  And the clients agreed.  They have seen friends and neighbors go through such a long, drawn out, painful process that they feel blessed to have found us.

I stopped in my tracks – I had been feeling like we were dragging.  (Because in my head – doing it my way – we would have been moving at a faster pace and getting more done.)  Then JOY and DELIGHT showed up.  THEIR JOY AND DELIGHT as well as mine.

I was able to receive the awareness of Harmony – each of us as an instrument playing its part. And all the parts coming together to make beautiful music.

May you shift – however you need to – to the “come from” that brings you closest to your true nature.  Namaste.

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