Suburban Alchemist

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Yup – that’s what I am – a suburban alchemist currently in the 21st Century. Now this is different than being an alchemist during Renaissance Europe which is what some people associate with the phrase. Since I find it helpful to believe in reincarnation – I can tell you that it was pretty fun being an alchemist back then. Different than it is now.

Now – energetically, there is more fluidity among people. Back then, people were born into a class and they pretty much stayed there. Most people spent most of their time on survival tasks. It was a smaller subset of folks that had the luxury of education and leisure. Nowadays – lots of folks are educated in America. Lots of free time. (Our sense of community has diminished and other aspects of quality of life but that will be another post.) For purposes of this post, I simply share my opinion (which could totally conflict with yours) that, in terms of numbers, there are more alchemists at work today than ever before.

My use of the term refers to the purification of the soul – the personality incarnated at a particular place and time. Experiences test our mettle and give us the opportunity to refine – to lift up our own human condition and that of the other humans we come in contact with. Which leads to another fact – we interact with a greater variety of humans on a daily basis than in the past.

I am a suburban alchemist. My ancestors lived on islands in the Adriatic Sea. My grandparents lived in Chicago – the city proper. Those lifestyles would generate situations for transmuting karma that is different than the situations I run across. Maybe some day I will explore them but for now, with echos of their energy in my DNA, I accept that I live in between. No idyllic green pastures for miles or view of mountains or ocean. No hustle, bustle, high intensity lifestyle for me. The situations that present themselves to me dance between country life and city life. For example, I have a little garden and follow the watering restrictions in the summer heat. I drive a car and need to call the tollway authority to update my auto-pay transponder so I can drive to Wisconsin and escape. Such is the suburban life.

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