Astrology 4 today

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I have studied it forever.  Taught classes.  Do readings.  But what is most important, I think, is for people to get that astrology, like anything, is different for different people.  Some use is to “predict” the future.  Okay – and that might work to a certain degree.  But other folks who don’t “believe” in astrology, will make fun of people who think that the movement of the stars can predict anything happening to a person on this one little planet.

Here is my take – if you reduce many wise spiritual teachings – we are all One.  And the “intelligence” of the One is way more complex than the individual intelligence of me (sitting here as a person typing on my computer) or you (walking the dog or saving the world) because, by definition, if you are a subset individual, you are not the whole.  Okay – what does this have to do with astrology?  Stars, planets, angels, archetypes, you, me, the economy, the NFL, are all subsets – so why not allow the idea that One could set up a system where larger movements point to other manifestations of itself?  Meaning, for example, if One decided that Yin-Yang works to keep a living system generative, s/he/it could have that theme appear all over the place.  And a Yin-Yang motion of the planets through a backdrop of stars (from our perspective) could be the way to see what is going on inside of a person or outside in a culture or subculture.

As beings, we are now too intelligent to see astrology as “predicting” our future.  But I submit, it is fun and fascinating to explore that possibility that it is One’s way of giving us a way to communicate and giving us an access to her/his/its intelligence.

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