Birthchart as a Mandala

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Start with your own birthchart. If you don’t have one, you can use the “flower” that I have published. If you have one and it is messy, use mine for the exercise.

blank wheel

A Mandala is a meditation tool. Among the ways to meditate is to sit with a mandala – it is usually round. Some are symmetrical. some are asymmetrical. There are plenty of books on astrology so I am not going to reinvent the wheel. (pun intended) Some of my favorites are by Steven Forrest and Caroline Casey. People like Linda Goodman. Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss is a great read on archetypes.

Look at a chart with “soft eyes” – meaning you aren’t looking at it. You aren’t looking for anything. You are receptive. Allow the picture to come to you.

I say the most important point on any chart is the center. So – put your gaze at the center. How much of the whole can you see from there? The first differentiation is that of yin and yang. From the center, all emerges and as it evolves, some will be yin and some will be yang.

The way this shows up on a chart is that masculine signs follow feminine signs and the pattern goes back and forth all the way around. As a “result” as a planet travels around the wheel, it will go through an active phase and a passive phase. The speed of the planet will determine how long a phase lasts. The moon goes fastest. Pluto is the slowest. So a Pluto influence will last longer than a lunar influence. When you are in linear time.

Meditation shifts you into “radial time.” At the center, all of the lines going outward connect. If you rest into a chart, you see all time at once. It is impossible to put this experience into words. Because coming back to language undoes the unity of the experience.

More to come on different techniques but for now – just try it.

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