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This one’s for the girls…

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To the mother of the young daughter who is super creative, the child who is okay with reading on the playground rather than in the gaggle of little girls…

It’s okay.

Who is a person? the body? the personality? the spirit?

If energy is neither created nor destroyed, then when a person dies their energy just changes form. We know that the cells in the body are constantly turning over – still there is a unifying identity that does not change.

Likewise, your daughter’s personality today is one form of a series of forms that has cohesive, unifying principles over time and over lifetimes.

Same goes for you. Same goes for your mother.

When we shift OUR identity to the BIG I rather than the little “i” and we relate to their BIG I rather than their little “i” – ego stuff fades away. Worry. Fear. The need to control. That stuff just doesn’t matter.

Love. That is all that matters.

Cycles are everywhere. Do you sit inside the cycle? On the roller coaster simply aware of what is right in front of you – feeling with all your senses all that is to be felt. Or are you across the park – able to view it (the whole thing) from a distance.

Where is the fun? On the ride.
Where is “understanding”? Viewing from a distance.

You can’t have both at the same time.

Get down and dirty with your daughter (or your mom) (or your Self). That’s where the fun is.

If you want to understand it – step back. Go into your Higher Self (the BIG I) to get perspective. It will be “drier” and it might make sense.

But then dive back in… That’s where the fun is.

(Postscript – I keep singing the line from “Blinded by the Light”… I never knew it was written by Bruce Springsteen.)

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