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Lucid dreaming.  Group dreaming.  Plain old dreaming.  I do it all.

My favorite is soulmate dreaming.  Having been single for the last 13 years and failing to connect with a live man, I enjoy the time in the deamstate when I get “energetic” dates.

Last night was one.  As part of one of my epic dream (I remember them and they have many Acts, Scenes, pre-quels and sequels), I was driving my car someplace and cut a corner too sharp.  One of the wheels broke and the car tipped over.  In the tipping process, I simply got out of the car, no injuries.  My purse was full.  I needed to find my phone and call a repair place.  It happened in front of the house of a man who came out to check on me.  I explained my predicament and he told me to leave my stuff, go to my appointment and that he would take care of it.  So, I did.  I got into the car with the broken wheel while he was on his phone calling the dealership to get it fixed and the police to report the accident.  I left my stuff and went to my appointment.  Came back later.

He was there with his 5 or 6 year old daughter who had on this crocheted hat (looked like something my grandmother used to make).  They had been playing.  When I made it back safely, he explained how everything was going to be fixed.  I thanked him and we hugged.  It felt good to be in his arms and I was thankful.  I massaged his shoulders and offered to give him a back rub.  He seemed concerned that his daughter was there but I said, really, just a back rub.

He smiled and invited me into the house.  (Most of all of this took place in front of the house and in the garage.)  We went up the stairs and – he had these amazing collections of Legos and action figures set up in little rooms with lots of mirrors so they looked like there was 3 -4 times as many as there really were.  And he had costumes.  So we put on costumes (lots of pair costumes like people who would win at Halloween parties) and played dress up.  We acted out scenes from movies.  And then changed into the next couple.  What fun!

Then I woke.

I love waking up from a fun dream.  It sticks with you for a while. My friend, Gretchen and her teacher Robert might get a kick out of this.  If this were your dream, what would you glean?

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