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This morning, I decided to come from JOY and DELIGHT.  The day was great.

Let’s go back to yesterday – I work as a Collaborative Lawyer.  As such, I help divorcing people transition with dignity and respect.  I get to work with other professionals who share the same commitment to transparency and healing.  Usually, I love my job.

With over 15 years of experience, I have “my way” of doing things.  They work.  And yet – every case is different.  The clients are different but more significantly, the professionals are different.  So, this week a meeting with clients was scheduled for this morning.  I was supposed to receive a document from the other attorney last week.  It didn’t arrive until close of business the day before yesterday.  Yesterday, I was irritated.  I needed to rearrange my schedule.  He didn’t want to push the client meeting back.  So – I made edits to his drafts, and I had to run reports and make 200 pages worth of copies.  (There was of “making him wrong” going on.)

AND – I am committed to transformation.  My Landmark Education kicked in a few times.  Most importantly, yesterday, I wrote down my intention for a class (Wisdom) that I am registered into that starts in June.  My intention – “To live from JOY and DELIGHT rather than duty and obligation.”  And I am enrolled in “The Science of Personal S.T.Y.L.E.” with Liana Chaouli where we are tapping into our true nature so that it can be expressed fully.  I am having so much fun.

So this morning, getting in my car to go to that meeting – a meeting that I thought should have been cancelled with a briefcase full of paper that I didn’t want to carry, it occurred to me… I want to live from JOY and DELIGHT. … So do that.  I didn’t directly “counter” any of these things that I didn’t want. My perspective simply shifted.

I arrived at the meeting – spoke to the attorney – told him that I found it challenging, but here are the things we needed to talk about before the clients arrived.  There was no “make wrong” in my voice.  I genuinely felt gratitude for his presence, his contribution and our ability to work together.  And it was not “perfect” – but it was what it was.

During the meeting, all the people at the table seemed to feel heard.  My client expressed satisfaction with the outcome and the process.  I answered her questions.  We lined up our next steps.  (The inner critic didn’t even show up to list all the ways that these to-dos could have been avoided.  That just showed up for me now.)  But here is the kicker – during the meeting, we had a neutral professional at the table.  She said, “Wow, you guys are essentially done.  This went so smoothly and so quickly.  This is why I love the Collaborative Process.”  The other attorney agreed.  He pointed out that we got so much done so quickly.  And the clients agreed.  They have seen friends and neighbors go through such a long, drawn out, painful process that they feel blessed to have found us.

I stopped in my tracks – I had been feeling like we were dragging.  (Because in my head – doing it my way – we would have been moving at a faster pace and getting more done.)  Then JOY and DELIGHT showed up.  THEIR JOY AND DELIGHT as well as mine.

I was able to receive the awareness of Harmony – each of us as an instrument playing its part. And all the parts coming together to make beautiful music.

May you shift – however you need to – to the “come from” that brings you closest to your true nature.  Namaste.

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(This is the follow-up post to “Birthchart as a Mandala.)

After you’ve experienced the shift from just gazing at the mandala, you can engage the left side of the brain that delights in linear, concrete, rational concepts.

Four Types

In the west, intuitive systems divide Yin and Yang into four “elements.”  Earth and Water are “yin”, feminine, receptive.  Air and Fire are “yang”, masculine, active.  These are words to describe a quality that can be represented by a symbol.  Flipping things, let’s start inside.

Ask yourself – “Right now – how do I feel inside?”  Write down a few words.  Here are some possibilities:  excited, scattered, lonely, peaceful, lumpy, anxious, grateful, happy, confused.  None of these words are “right”; none are “wrong.”  Your inner feeling state is just what it is.

Now look at the surroundings that you find yourself in – right now.  Write down a few words… messy, beautiful, dark, orderly, foreign, musical, loud, peaceful, chaotic.  Again, there is no “right” or “wrong.”

At this point, let’s notice that looking at the same room, street, restaurant or part, different people would use different different adjectives.

Regardless of one’s personal opinion, the west “categorizes” the adjectives, the qualities, the feelings and gives them labels for ease of communicating.  For today, take a piece of paper, fold it into four sections and write what you would associate with “Fire” “Air” “Water” “Earth” – as an archetypal energy.  You can include food – spicy jalapeno in the fire square, music – ethereal meditation music in the air square, places – ocean in the water square and people – your grandmother if she was earthy – in the earth square.

As closure to this exercise – look back at the mandala.  Can you see the pattern?  It goes Fire-Earth-Air-Water-Fire-Earth-Air-Water-Yang-Yin-Yang-Yin.  Over the next few days, pay attention to how you would categorize different things in your life.



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Dream guy

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Lucid dreaming.  Group dreaming.  Plain old dreaming.  I do it all.

My favorite is soulmate dreaming.  Having been single for the last 13 years and failing to connect with a live man, I enjoy the time in the deamstate when I get “energetic” dates.

Last night was one.  As part of one of my epic dream (I remember them and they have many Acts, Scenes, pre-quels and sequels), I was driving my car someplace and cut a corner too sharp.  One of the wheels broke and the car tipped over.  In the tipping process, I simply got out of the car, no injuries.  My purse was full.  I needed to find my phone and call a repair place.  It happened in front of the house of a man who came out to check on me.  I explained my predicament and he told me to leave my stuff, go to my appointment and that he would take care of it.  So, I did.  I got into the car with the broken wheel while he was on his phone calling the dealership to get it fixed and the police to report the accident.  I left my stuff and went to my appointment.  Came back later.

He was there with his 5 or 6 year old daughter who had on this crocheted hat (looked like something my grandmother used to make).  They had been playing.  When I made it back safely, he explained how everything was going to be fixed.  I thanked him and we hugged.  It felt good to be in his arms and I was thankful.  I massaged his shoulders and offered to give him a back rub.  He seemed concerned that his daughter was there but I said, really, just a back rub.

He smiled and invited me into the house.  (Most of all of this took place in front of the house and in the garage.)  We went up the stairs and – he had these amazing collections of Legos and action figures set up in little rooms with lots of mirrors so they looked like there was 3 -4 times as many as there really were.  And he had costumes.  So we put on costumes (lots of pair costumes like people who would win at Halloween parties) and played dress up.  We acted out scenes from movies.  And then changed into the next couple.  What fun!

Then I woke.

I love waking up from a fun dream.  It sticks with you for a while. My friend, Gretchen and her teacher Robert might get a kick out of this.  If this were your dream, what would you glean?

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Feminine Essence – Masculine Energy

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Our expression on this planet dances between Feminine Essence and Masculine Energy regardless of our gender, age, sexual preference, income or GPA.  As babies, we start out flowing freely between and amongst these two polarities of Oneness. Gradually, each of fashions the story of our life – our individual expression of Life.  Stories can be of struggle or of flow or a combination until ultimately, the story ends and our individuality dissolves back into Oneness.

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This one’s for the girls…

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To the mother of the young daughter who is super creative, the child who is okay with reading on the playground rather than in the gaggle of little girls…

It’s okay.

Who is a person? the body? the personality? the spirit?

If energy is neither created nor destroyed, then when a person dies their energy just changes form. We know that the cells in the body are constantly turning over – still there is a unifying identity that does not change.

Likewise, your daughter’s personality today is one form of a series of forms that has cohesive, unifying principles over time and over lifetimes.

Same goes for you. Same goes for your mother.

When we shift OUR identity to the BIG I rather than the little “i” and we relate to their BIG I rather than their little “i” – ego stuff fades away. Worry. Fear. The need to control. That stuff just doesn’t matter.

Love. That is all that matters.

Cycles are everywhere. Do you sit inside the cycle? On the roller coaster simply aware of what is right in front of you – feeling with all your senses all that is to be felt. Or are you across the park – able to view it (the whole thing) from a distance.

Where is the fun? On the ride.
Where is “understanding”? Viewing from a distance.

You can’t have both at the same time.

Get down and dirty with your daughter (or your mom) (or your Self). That’s where the fun is.

If you want to understand it – step back. Go into your Higher Self (the BIG I) to get perspective. It will be “drier” and it might make sense.

But then dive back in… That’s where the fun is.

(Postscript – I keep singing the line from “Blinded by the Light”… I never knew it was written by Bruce Springsteen.)

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Birthchart as a Mandala

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Start with your own birthchart. If you don’t have one, you can use the “flower” that I have published. If you have one and it is messy, use mine for the exercise.

blank wheel

A Mandala is a meditation tool. Among the ways to meditate is to sit with a mandala – it is usually round. Some are symmetrical. some are asymmetrical. There are plenty of books on astrology so I am not going to reinvent the wheel. (pun intended) Some of my favorites are by Steven Forrest and Caroline Casey. People like Linda Goodman. Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss is a great read on archetypes.

Look at a chart with “soft eyes” – meaning you aren’t looking at it. You aren’t looking for anything. You are receptive. Allow the picture to come to you.

I say the most important point on any chart is the center. So – put your gaze at the center. How much of the whole can you see from there? The first differentiation is that of yin and yang. From the center, all emerges and as it evolves, some will be yin and some will be yang.

The way this shows up on a chart is that masculine signs follow feminine signs and the pattern goes back and forth all the way around. As a “result” as a planet travels around the wheel, it will go through an active phase and a passive phase. The speed of the planet will determine how long a phase lasts. The moon goes fastest. Pluto is the slowest. So a Pluto influence will last longer than a lunar influence. When you are in linear time.

Meditation shifts you into “radial time.” At the center, all of the lines going outward connect. If you rest into a chart, you see all time at once. It is impossible to put this experience into words. Because coming back to language undoes the unity of the experience.

More to come on different techniques but for now – just try it.

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Astrology 4 today

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I have studied it forever.  Taught classes.  Do readings.  But what is most important, I think, is for people to get that astrology, like anything, is different for different people.  Some use is to “predict” the future.  Okay – and that might work to a certain degree.  But other folks who don’t “believe” in astrology, will make fun of people who think that the movement of the stars can predict anything happening to a person on this one little planet.

Here is my take – if you reduce many wise spiritual teachings – we are all One.  And the “intelligence” of the One is way more complex than the individual intelligence of me (sitting here as a person typing on my computer) or you (walking the dog or saving the world) because, by definition, if you are a subset individual, you are not the whole.  Okay – what does this have to do with astrology?  Stars, planets, angels, archetypes, you, me, the economy, the NFL, are all subsets – so why not allow the idea that One could set up a system where larger movements point to other manifestations of itself?  Meaning, for example, if One decided that Yin-Yang works to keep a living system generative, s/he/it could have that theme appear all over the place.  And a Yin-Yang motion of the planets through a backdrop of stars (from our perspective) could be the way to see what is going on inside of a person or outside in a culture or subculture.

As beings, we are now too intelligent to see astrology as “predicting” our future.  But I submit, it is fun and fascinating to explore that possibility that it is One’s way of giving us a way to communicate and giving us an access to her/his/its intelligence.

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Suburban Alchemist

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Yup – that’s what I am – a suburban alchemist currently in the 21st Century. Now this is different than being an alchemist during Renaissance Europe which is what some people associate with the phrase. Since I find it helpful to believe in reincarnation – I can tell you that it was pretty fun being an alchemist back then. Different than it is now.

Now – energetically, there is more fluidity among people. Back then, people were born into a class and they pretty much stayed there. Most people spent most of their time on survival tasks. It was a smaller subset of folks that had the luxury of education and leisure. Nowadays – lots of folks are educated in America. Lots of free time. (Our sense of community has diminished and other aspects of quality of life but that will be another post.) For purposes of this post, I simply share my opinion (which could totally conflict with yours) that, in terms of numbers, there are more alchemists at work today than ever before.

My use of the term refers to the purification of the soul – the personality incarnated at a particular place and time. Experiences test our mettle and give us the opportunity to refine – to lift up our own human condition and that of the other humans we come in contact with. Which leads to another fact – we interact with a greater variety of humans on a daily basis than in the past.

I am a suburban alchemist. My ancestors lived on islands in the Adriatic Sea. My grandparents lived in Chicago – the city proper. Those lifestyles would generate situations for transmuting karma that is different than the situations I run across. Maybe some day I will explore them but for now, with echos of their energy in my DNA, I accept that I live in between. No idyllic green pastures for miles or view of mountains or ocean. No hustle, bustle, high intensity lifestyle for me. The situations that present themselves to me dance between country life and city life. For example, I have a little garden and follow the watering restrictions in the summer heat. I drive a car and need to call the tollway authority to update my auto-pay transponder so I can drive to Wisconsin and escape. Such is the suburban life.

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Hello world!

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Thanks for stopping by.  This is my “Teri Beran Kulat” website.

My adventures into the metaphysical and whimsical shall be played with here.


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